Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Frame of steel, heart of glass...

First, there was the Design Concept in the trusty AutoCAD 2010. I was hoping for a tall bar table in accordance with the chairs I have bought.

It was a "tall order" alright, even shadowing the previously considered tall stool type chairs. Made to rethink about the height of the table. I really did wanted to maintain the curves at the end of the legs.

So, after much thinking and tinkering with the length of the chair, I had to cut them down to size. 

And Walla! The table and the chairs fits! Like a match made in heaven. Or at least at the local welding workshop.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Unfinished Business

This was the website I was working on in Seppa, East Kameng Dist, Arunachal Pradesh (India). I was working on It using CSS template on an ASP.NET Master Page. Was in the process of migrating to a more settle PHP and MySQL format.
Didn't finish it at that time. Will try to finish it, if its the last thing I do.
Keep watching at:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Today is Shiv Ratri

Today I have given the thumbs up on the last design of the Center Piece dinning table design to the welders. Wish I had a welding and cutting equipments too.
I gave them two designs to finalize. Lets see what designs they choose to build it on.
Actually we already had a big office table which we wanted to convert into a center piece and bought four chairs, which were 2'3" tall so were too tall for the Table.
So I removed the Thick Glass sheet from the table and then cut it into two parts, one 3x4 feet and one 2.5x1.5 feet (for another side table).
Will upload the pictures when its finished.